Caregiver Visit
  • Our caregivers will visit the beneficiaries up to two times in a month depending on the package selected.
    • BRIDGE team will provide complete details of visiting caregivers including their date and time of arrival, their photo, color and model of their car, and their phone number to both the beneficiaries and the sponsors.
  • Our caregiver visits to the beneficiaries’ home will include taking vitals like:
    • Pulse
    • Blood pressure
    • Temperature
    • Oxygen saturation level
    • Blood sugar level
  • The visit will also include Eye, Ear, and Skin examination through digital tools.
  • The data collected will be updated on the portal.
  • Administering or monitoring medication will also be assessed if needed at the time of the visit.
  • Caregivers will be responsible for Informing the assigned tele-doctor about the follow-up visits and health conditions of the beneficiaries during the virtual call.
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