Monthly Subscription
A monthly plan subscription that’s right for you-
Home healthcare especially for Elderlies provides a high-quality affordable healthcare management effect within the comfort of your home.
BRIDGE aims to provide convenience to such members of your family who find it difficult to travel or visit healthcare centers. Our highly skilled and experienced team will provide care with compassion at your doorstep.
BRIDGE Services includes.
Our skilled and experienced care coordinators will visit to perform on-spot procedures.
We ensure to maintain continuity of medical care for our elderlies who have
special healthcare needs.
The procedure includes.
1.Examination of body vitals like
1. Blood Pressure
2. Blood Sugar
3. Oxygen Saturation
4. Heart Rate
5. Weight (Body Mass Index)
6. Height
7. Skin, Nails, Eye examination
2.Creation of electronic medical records & medicine taking history
3.On spot tele consultation with BRIDGE licensed doctors
4.Provide 24/7 availability of a licensed female physician to assist you
5.Every week, our BRIDGE licensed doctor will call the family for an update
6.Daily medicine intake reminder (optional)
7.Free home laboratory sample collection (laboratory charges not included)
8.Free medicine delivery at your home from our partner pharmacy for a minimum order of PKR 1000/=
9.Doctors appointment – Arrange doctor’s appointment as per your family request
10This package also includes the following lab tests for any two members of your family, at the time of registration
1. Complete blood count (CBC)
2. Liver functional Test (LFT)
3. Thyroid-stimulating hormone
4. Lipid Profile
5. Blood Glucose (fasting)
6. Urine DR.


Introductory Offer

For your entire Family*

Every Month:          PKR 5000/-

Registration Fee:   PKR 5000/-



  • Maximum 5 members at the same
  • Subscription charges to be paid on 3 months


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