What is Educast?
  1. Educast is a Virtual Training and services providing a platform that specializes in Digital Health. Educast comprises of two divisions:
    • Educast (Pvt) Limited, a for-profit service platform, and
    • Educast Society- A Not for Profit -NGO platform.

Educast as a group has excellent advisors and consultants in Digital Health and Health informatics from within Pakistan and around the world. There is a long list of successful innovative projects in the Digital Health spectrum accomplished by the capable team of Educast.

After years of successful projects, EDUCAST now offers a unique program called BRIDGE in which it will be offering personalized elderly care services through digital health technology. Our idea is to serve as a moderator and provide support and care with highest levels of compassion and professionalism to your loved ones within the comfort of their own homes.

Are you offering old age home service?

BRIDGE is not an old age home service provider; rather we provide assistance and personal care services to elderly people within the comfort of their own homes. Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind by becoming the helping hands while you are physically away from your loved ones.

What is geographical area of operation of this service?

We offer this service in 24 major cities and towns in Pakistan. Please see the map on the website.

Is there any trail period in this service?

No, we are not offering any trial period.

Are you offer only these plans or can I customize my plan according to my needs?

Yes, you will have the option to customize your plan. All you need to do is to call our customer service and ask about it.

What kind of services do you offer?

We offer a number of services to our clients like courtesy calls by doctors, updated medical records in the form of hard copy as a file to keep at the home of your parents/loved ones, and electronically on your smartphones too, We provide personal caregiver visits at home, plus a 24/7 availability of helpline service connecting with licensed family physicians. We also assist in scheduling doctor’s appointments upon request and provide personal escort service to hospitals or clinics. There are many other services that we offer depending on package selection.

How can I enroll in this services?

It is very easy! All you need to do is to contact our helpline number +9221-38226666 or email us at info@bridgeconnect.pk.

Are this service is only for members?

Yes these services are only for registered members.

What is the benefits of taking these services?

Our goal is to provide peace of mind to our overseas Pakistani clients who have their old parents/in-laws and other loved ones back in Pakistan and are worried about their wellbeing and health. Our experienced doctors give regular calls to the elderly and arrange visits by the trained and certified caregivers in the comfort of their homes. In case of urgent situations, BRIDGE team is able to assist the beneficiaries and sponsors and provide guidance accordingly.
We also provide free medicine delivery at the elderly’s home according to the package selected. Cost of medicine, however, will be charged according the current market rates and will be payable by the responsible sponsor.

What do you mean by sponsor and beneficiary?

“Sponsor” is the person who enrolls his/her parents or loved ones for BRIDGE services and is responsible for financial and other matters. “Beneficiary” is the person who receives the service that their sponsors sign them up for.


How do you deliver medicine to the beneficiary’s home?

You have to send us a copy of prescription either through email, WhatsApp or hand over the prescription to our caregiver (staff) to get the medication delivered to your home through our arrangements. The process of free medicine delivery does not include the cost of medicine. The option is also package dependent.

Will I be able to monitor the services?

Yes, you can download our app from iTunes or the play store and you will be able to talk to our assigned doctor at any time. From our portal, you will be able to monitor the complete health record and its update.

Can a sponsor discuss about beneficiary’s health.

Yes, Sponsors can set up a time with the doctor that is assigned to their beneficiary and discuss matters regarding their health. All calls will be monitored and recorded for quality assurance

How do you update the sponsor about the health status of beneficiaries?

We recommend that sponsors visit the portal as frequently as they wish for health status updates. For further assistance, they can set up an appointment with the assigned doctor through call center agents.

How many times in a month medicine delivery will be provided?

It depends upon the package which you enroll in. This service is only available in platinum with twice a month free delivery of medicine (Medicine price is not included)

Can any Care Giver be changed / replaced?

Yes, you can ask us to change the caregiver at any time. You will be required to fill out a short questionnaire clearly stating the reasons for your request. Once we receive your request, we will analyze the situation and get back to you in due time. Please allow up to 1 week for any changes to occur after the completion of our process analysis.

Can beneficiaries request to change the assigned Doctor?

Yes, you may ask to request to change the assigned doctor. You will be required to fill out a short questionnaire clearly stating the reasons for your request. Once we receive your request, we will analyze the situation and get back to you in due time. Please allow up to 1 week for any changes to occur after the completion of our process analysis.

Can you arrange an appointment with the beneficiaries’ own physicians?

Yes, we can assist and arrange an appointment with the beneficiaries’ own physicians, which is subject to the availability of the physician for the requested time. The cost of the consultation charges for that physician shall be borne by the sponsor.

Can you change the beneficiary's existing doctor?

No, we are not responsible for changing their existing doctors

Do you reimburse in cases where the beneficiary has passed away while being under one of the Bridge services?

All services will be immediately stopped, and a refund of the current month will be provided as our packages work on a monthly basis.

What do you mean by EMR?

EMR is the electronic medical records of the beneficiaries in which all previous and current medical history is updated electronically.

Do you provide any services on medicines?

Yes, we will deliver the medicines at your doorsteps depending on the package selection.

Is Health insurance covered in the package?

No, it is not covered in the package. If you want health insurance you may contact our helpline number for further assistance.

Do you cover through conventional insurance or Takaful Insurance?

We do not have any insurance coverage in our packages, but we offer both conventional and Takaful packages which will be charged separately.

If I already have insurance should I receive any kind of cash back?

No, there is no cash back as we do not cover insurance in the packages.

What do you mean by Escort service?

Escort service is provided by our skilled and certified personnel who will be responsible for the safe execution of beneficiaries’ visits to the hospitals or clinics from taking them to their appointments to helping with any paperwork along the visit process.

Is Escort service available in silver and gold package?

No, this service is only available in the Platinum package. However, sponsors can avail this service at an extra cost per visit (details to be discussed with our representative).

What role do BRIDGE doctors play in this service?

Our doctors provide teleconsultation through technology, as well as provide round the clock assistance and healthcare advisory to beneficiaries through the call center.

Will your Doctor prescribe/advise any new medications?

You will be required to sign a waiver form, at the time of registration, indicating your permission to allow our doctors to prescribe any new over-the-counter medications if they deem safe and necessary. If the waiver is not signed then a new prescription will not be advised.

Can you take an appointment with any consultant other than the family doctor?

Yes, we can take appointments with any consultant and also guide you to the nearest location of the consultant from the beneficiary’s home. (Charges of the consultant will be informed to the sponsor prior to finalization of appointment).

In Emergency situation do you provide doctors to visit beneficiaries’ homes?

No, for security reasons we don’t provide home visits by our doctors in emergency situations. However, we provide assistance in arranging ambulance and escort services to the hospitals based on selected plans.

Can caregivers visit the beneficiary’s home without prior notification/appointment?

No one from our care team will ever visit or call without prior information. The assigned doctor will provide complete details (full name and a photo) of the assigned caregiver and a potential timeframe for his/her visit.

What is the role of caregivers during their scheduled visits?

Caregivers are responsible for taking vitals for the beneficiaries, establishing a video consultation connection with the assigned doctors for telehealth, counseling the beneficiaries, updating their records, and updating the physical file with printed sheets to be kept at home.

How frequently does a Caregiver visit a beneficiaries’ home?

It depends upon the package you sign up for. For the Silver package, it is once a month, while for Gold and Platinum packages it will be twice a month.

Who is responsible for attending the calls if beneficiaries call late at night on the helpline?

Our 24/7 dedicated call center agents are responsible for attending these calls and connecting them with the on-call bridge doctor.

Will all calls be recorded?

Yes, all calls are recorded for quality and compliance purposes.