Our Mission

Our mission is to become the leading Elderly Healthcare service provider in the region by creating a familiar approach for beneficiaries (elderlies) with distinction in services and quality.

Our Vision

There is an ever-increasing demand for old-age care (elderly care) in Pakistan. Our vision is to improve the quality of life of our elderly population and empower them through counseling and personal care.

About Us

The BRIDGE network is powered by eDoctor, the largest healthcare network of licensed female doctors, who are present in all provinces of Pakistan in addition to 24 other countries.

The BRIDGE vision is to improve the quality of life through connecting, counseling, and empowering all elders who feel lonely due to their children not being in Pakistan. BRIDGE, through its innovative approach, will enable a way for seniors to make the most of every day. With a bi-monthly visit from the BRIDGE team and round-the-clock availability of family physicians, they will be able to rely on complete management of their health records and also provide outdoor help services in case of a clinical visit. BRIDGE will also provide regular medicine reminders, blood testing, and delivery of medicine to their doorstep, ensuring confidence and positivity in our beneficiaries.

Our team of doctors is qualified and certified as Family Physicians and eDoctors with extensive experience in running successful COVID 19 tele-counseling and care operations since April 2020. They have aided in the recovery of more than 150,000 Covid 19 positive patients during their mandatory home isolation period.

We are starting coverage within 24 cities of Pakistan, including more than 350 hospitals/clinics and affiliated health care services across the country.

Why this Service

Loneliness and social isolation are the most common dilemmas among elderly people. Many family members don’t live close to their aging parents and often request a friend or relative, whom they can rely on, to do frequent check-in on their loved ones and their needs.

To minimize their dependency. we have launched BRIDGE, which is a one-stop solution for your family members and their healthcare needs.

BRIDGE is the best elderly health care service available in the comfort of their homes.

We ensure that this holistic approach by BRIDGE will fill the gap for your parents and loved ones and allow them to enjoy an enhanced quality of life.

BRIDGE wants to cover up the existing physical gap between people living abroad and their parents within Pakistan.

BRIDGE is introducing a “Virtual Child” concept using innovative solutions to deliver care and companionship through constant monitoring in their homes.

What We Offer