Are you an overseas Pakistani looking for a service that

Keeps you updated about their health?


Takes care of your loved ones

24/7 Support Service Flexible Convenient Rapid And much more! Without being physically there. Get Updated On Doctor Visits Care needs Real time health data Finding & Recommendation BRIDGE TEAM HOME VISIT eDoctor Video Consultation Vitals Examination
Are you an overseas Pakistani worried about your parents and aging loved ones and their health?
Worry no more!
BRIDGE the project of EduCast has come up with a unique solution to curb the gap between you and your elderlies

Our Services

BRIDGE offers a variety of services that are custom-made to fit your needs ranging from, but not limited to, providing caregiver visits and outdoor help services.

Outdoor Help Service

Your Connection with yours parents back home! Outdoor Help Service Outdoor Help Service includes Clinic & Hospital visit Laboratory visit NADRA Office visit Passport Office visit Bank visit Grocery or Any Other Related Task For more detail Contact UsCall Now

Caregiver Home Visit

Your Connection with yours parents back home! Caregiver Home Visit Home visit by our caregiver and care coordinator for assessment and teleconsultation Our caregiver visits to the beneficiaries’ home will include taking vitals like: Pulse Blood pressure Temperature Oxygen saturation level Blood sugar level The visit will also include eye, ear, and skin examination through [...]

Care Coordinator Visit

Your Connection with yours parents back home! Care Coordinator Visit Home Visit by Our care coordinator Assessment and Tele Consultation. Shall be responsible for security and proper handling of the elderly on Site. Arranging the 3rd party service. Our care coordinator, shall be at door to receive any of the above 3rd part service provider [...]

Dr Home Visit

Your Connection with yours parents back home! Doctor Home Visit Home visit by our doctors (initially only in Karachi) and for assessment and tele-consultation is all over in Pakistan. For more detail Contact UsCall Now

Nursing Services

Your Connection with yours parents back home! Nursing / Attendant Services Arranging by the Partner service shall keep the sponsor informed. 25% discount of our BRIDGE subscribers Security Check. High Quality Service with full Infection Prevention (IP) protocol. Well Trained Attendant/nurses. 12 to 24 hours shift of nurse availability. Coordination with Sponsored. For more detail Contact [...]

Radiology & Labs

Your Connection with yours parents back home! Radiology & Labs Radiology & Labs includes Physiotherapist at Home Ultra sound at Home ECG at Home X Ray at Home Paralogical test  Complete blood count ( CBC)  Liver functional Test ( LFT), Thyroid stimulating hormone ( TSH )  LIPID PROFILE Blood glucose fasting  Urine (DR). For more detail Contact [...]

Our Care Reach


Elderly Care service with focus on families of overseas Pakistanis


Countries having our representation by BRIDGE Advisors


Cities Connected to our BRIDGE service


Healthcare facilities for inpatient treatment in 24 cities


Covid Patient Treated

Our Global Network Of  Women Tele-Health Advisors

Our National Elderly-Care Service Locations

Why Choose Us

Outdoor Help Service

We are Pakistan’s first-ever Elderly Care Telehealth and outdoor help service and Home health monitoring services platform targeted to provide services to Overseas Pakistani’s Parents and Loved Ones who are living In Pakistan.

Global Recognition

Our platform was the winner during the recent global competition for innovation projects by Islamic Development Bank ( IsDB) Innovation Challenge-2019. Our Doctors are trained by world-class institutions like Stanford University, Medret academy-UK & Dow University Of Health Sciences.

Covid 19 Home Monitoring

Our eDoctors managed the Largest Covid 19 Home Isolation Monitoring Telehealth Program in Pakistan- Handling more than 200,000 Covid infected home isolated Patients within Sindh province of Pakistan in joint venture with Health Department, Govt of Sindh Telehealth Initiative.

Women Doctors

We are the largest Pakistani licensed Women Doctors platform (numbering 500) in more than 20 countries and more than 500 trained and certified Female Doctors inside Pakistan, covering 24 cities.

World Wide Outreach

Our Eldercare Teleservices Facilities are in 24 major cities and towns of Pakistan. Whereas our Eldercare consultants are based out of more than 20 international destinations.

Digital Healthcare

Our group establishing and operating Digital Healthcare services in Pakistan since last 2 decades, and have operated national projects serving thousands of patients in all provinces of the country.


BRIDGE doctor project team visited my Father today, he really appreciated and praised BRIDGE team even updated me, really nice of them and gave good advice, this  project is already a success Insha’Allah all the best.

Bridge doctors will be in contact with me, throughout the session and keep me updated. Initially history was taken and vitals were checked. My mother's blood pressure came on higher side may it was circumstantial but surely ask her to check her blood pressure more regularly plus my mother is chronic asthmatic with severity being increased in winters. I also came to know that she is not taking her pump regularly. I really appreciate this effort. Overall very nice gesture for an initial visit.

One thing I must say, the way of talking and dealing with beneficiary by BRIDGE team is perfect, we all should follow that.

During their visit, they ensured all the SOPs to be in place and followed strictly. Moreover, the way the bridge doctors have taken down the patient's medical history is something that speaks of their professional behavior and attitude towards their commitment. This is something that every patient is curious about during his visit to a doctor for being responded in a satisfactory manner

Today we have honored to have pilot team visited to my grandmother’s house. The way they have introduced themselves, and presented the pilot program was very impressive and encouraging. They talked to her, Checked her vitals, asked about medicine history, keeping me posted; this is a lot of efforts for one day. Words cannot describe my feelings towards this approach, the only thing I can say is that Bridge Pilot project is an outstanding approach towards healthcare and it should be supported by all Pakistanis living anywhere.

My mother was delighted on having a bunch of doctors check up on her without moving a leg, a thorough history was taken, vitals and general physical examination results were recorded. A file maintained, emergency contacts shared, schedule decided for future online consults, with this visits you help bring smile to the elderly.

My father is very satisfied with the professional care provided by Bridge team. I believe whole team is doing a great job and their efforts are commendable for the success of project. The response I received from my father in law was amazing and it surprised me too as he was one of the person who did not like to visit doctors clinics and hospital much but here is looking forward to be evaluated by Bridge team, this is huge accomplishment on part of doctors to build a rapport with patient.

The Bridge team visited my grandmother in Karachi. Bridge team made her so comfortable, special thanks to bridge doctors for their efficient and daughter-like approach which made her calm and builds amazing rapport. She was very satisfied with the professional care provided by the Bridge team.